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A Virtual Run to Grow Strong Roots

 Our latest virtual challenge is one that will help you grow strong roots and foundations. Beautifully crafted this medal represents all the hard work you put into so that your achievement can blossom.This virtual challenge has 3 different distance options for you to chose from. You can choose a 5 mile, 10 mile or 25 mile option. Wha...
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The Virtual Fairytale Book Collection Challenge - Amazing Medals

​Are you looking for your next virtual run or virtual challenge? Looking for that bit of magic to help you reach your running and fitness goals? Well if you love fairytales then these virtual 5K challenge medals, a total of 95Km, will help you reach that goal.These challenges provide a S.M.A.R.T goal to help you reach that next level. Virtual ...
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Fairytale Book Collection Challenge

The new medals for 2021 If you love fairytales then this is the fairytale challenge for you. Inspired by fairytales these beautiful medals can be earned, not just bought, by completing their virtual challenges. Motivation is not always easy, thinking about it is okay but actually starting and then finishing as well, not so easy....
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Virtual Runs and Challenges for the USA

 We love seeing challengers from all around the world take part in our challenges. The team still get a buzz when we send a medal to a new city or town that we have never sent one to before.The United States (USA) is one of the biggest destinations for our medals outside of the UK. We see a lot of challengers from all over the US but one of th...
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New Look for MedalMad

As we approach our 5th birthday we decided to have a make over. We wanted to make a simpler logo that was more modern and able to sit alongside our amazing medals without clashing or distracting. It has been quite a long process but we finally decided on a design a colour palette that works for all aspects of MedalMad. Our main logo is in this...
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Points Mean......More Challenges

We are delighted to release a new feature on the MedalMad website, you can now use your points to save £££ on your next challenge. You can save up the points you receive for completing a challenge then use them to save on that medal you have had your eye on.You can find how many and when you earned them from you My Rewards points page, fo...
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Diary of an everyday lackluster mother

So...i finally decided to get off my arse and start losing weight and gaining better overall fitness. I have tried the gym but got bored as I never really went anywhere. I tried plain walking around but would lose enthusiasm. I saw Medal Mad on facebook today and thought it would be a good thing to have a go at. After all I remember ...
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A Year of Running

What a year it's been?! This last year has probably been one of the hardest I've known, but equally I'm so glad that it seems to have zoomed by. Things here in the UK are pretty much just as they were back in March/April last year. We're in a full lockdown, although cases are coming down so hopefully we'll start to have some more "normality" a...
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Member of the Month - Claire Walters

Meet December's Member of the Month Claire Walters!! Claire joined MedalMad in November this year after losing an amazing 115lbs! Well done Claire! Claire is a Type 2 Diabetic and after losing weight she joined MedalMad to help her maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Since then she has completed a fantastic 10 challenges with us and has s...
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Last Day BF Offer and Lucky Dip Medals

BLACK FRIDAY OFFERLast day for our black Friday offer of 20% off all challenges. Plus our £5 lucky dips. Ends at midnight tonight.Use code BFMM20 for 20% offLUCKY DIPHere are a list of some of the medals in their distance categories that could be arriving at your door. Remember this is a sale item so no refunds, returns or exchanges. It' ...
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