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A Virtual Run to Grow Strong Roots

 Our latest virtual challenge is one that will help you grow strong roots and foundations. Beautifully crafted this medal represents all the hard work you put into so that your achievement can blossom.This virtual challenge has 3 different distance options for you to chose from. You can choose a 5 mile, 10 mile or 25 mile option. Wha...
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The Virtual Fairytale Book Collection Challenge - Amazing Medals

​Are you looking for your next virtual run or virtual challenge? Looking for that bit of magic to help you reach your running and fitness goals? Well if you love fairytales then these virtual 5K challenge medals, a total of 95Km, will help you reach that goal.These challenges provide a S.M.A.R.T goal to help you reach that next level. Virtual ...
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Fairytale Book Collection Challenge

The new medals for 2021 If you love fairytales then this is the fairytale challenge for you. Inspired by fairytales these beautiful medals can be earned, not just bought, by completing their virtual challenges. Motivation is not always easy, thinking about it is okay but actually starting and then finishing as well, not so easy....
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Virtual Runs and Challenges for the USA

 We love seeing challengers from all around the world take part in our challenges. The team still get a buzz when we send a medal to a new city or town that we have never sent one to before.The United States (USA) is one of the biggest destinations for our medals outside of the UK. We see a lot of challengers from all over the US but one of th...
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New Look for MedalMad

As we approach our 5th birthday we decided to have a make over. We wanted to make a simpler logo that was more modern and able to sit alongside our amazing medals without clashing or distracting. It has been quite a long process but we finally decided on a design a colour palette that works for all aspects of MedalMad. Our main logo is in this...
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Points Mean......More Challenges

We are delighted to release a new feature on the MedalMad website, you can now use your points to save £££ on your next challenge. You can save up the points you receive for completing a challenge then use them to save on that medal you have had your eye on.You can find how many and when you earned them from you My Rewards points page, fo...
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Diary of an everyday lackluster mother

So...i finally decided to get off my arse and start losing weight and gaining better overall fitness. I have tried the gym but got bored as I never really went anywhere. I tried plain walking around but would lose enthusiasm. I saw Medal Mad on facebook today and thought it would be a good thing to have a go at. After all I remember ...
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A Year of Running

What a year it's been?! This last year has probably been one of the hardest I've known, but equally I'm so glad that it seems to have zoomed by. Things here in the UK are pretty much just as they were back in March/April last year. We're in a full lockdown, although cases are coming down so hopefully we'll start to have some more "normality" a...
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Member of the Month - Claire Walters

Meet December's Member of the Month Claire Walters!! Claire joined MedalMad in November this year after losing an amazing 115lbs! Well done Claire! Claire is a Type 2 Diabetic and after losing weight she joined MedalMad to help her maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Since then she has completed a fantastic 10 challenges with us and has s...
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Last Day BF Offer and Lucky Dip Medals

BLACK FRIDAY OFFERLast day for our black Friday offer of 20% off all challenges. Plus our £5 lucky dips. Ends at midnight tonight.Use code BFMM20 for 20% offLUCKY DIPHere are a list of some of the medals in their distance categories that could be arriving at your door. Remember this is a sale item so no refunds, returns or exchanges. It' ...
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Early Black Friday Offer for 2020 Challenges

Start Black Friday early and finish 2020 strong with 30% off 2020 virtual challenges. Offer excludes sets, multi-part challenges and Holidays Are Coming medal. Offer is not valid on the shop section only challenges section of the website.  Use the code below at checkout. If on mobile scroll right to see the subtotal after discou...
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My First Half Marathon: The Great North Run Reimagined

Sunday 13th September 2020. A date that had been engraved in my mind since the start of the year. A date I was aiming for, the biggest event of my running "career" to date. 15th June 2020. The day I found out that the Great North Run had been cancelled, but also the date I made a commitment. I was still going to go out there and give that half mara...
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Halloween Challenge to keep the Kids Active

Looking to keep the kids active this half term?Then why not join our half terms 5KM challenge? Download the free colouring tracker sheet and over the half term complete 5KM of running, walking, swimming, cycling, scooting or a combination of all of these activities. Colour in the tracker they cover the distance following the instructions on th...
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MedalMad Autumn Sale 2020

Use code SEPT20 at checkout across the whole site. Set up a great Autumn of challenges or get your hands on a new medal hanger, kids activity pack or top.Ends midnight on Wednesday the 9th of September.
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What I've Learnt from 7 Months of Running

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying well. I can't quite believe that this is my 6th blog post as a MedalMad Ambassador! This last month seems to have flown by for me since being back at work. What I also can't believe is that I've now hit 7 months of being a "runner"! Before Christmas I would never have even considered running but now here I...
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New goals

Enter text here New goals means new shoes right!? ​​​So after being injured last year a couple times (stress fracture,heel problem and arm) my running wasn't what it used to be. I actually got scared of picking up the pace again..not that it was something I knew instantly,I just realized it after moths. I knew I wasn't running as much and my endura...
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Returning to a "New Normal"

Hello everyone! How are we all? How is everyone starting to adjust to life in a "new normal"? The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for me, having spent 3 months off work on furlough leave I was finally called back to work! I was so glad to be able to get out of the house again and get back to the place I love, but along with that came a...
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It is our 4th Birthday

It is our 4th birthday, and what a crazy 4 years. Thank you for all your support this year. It has been amazing and we have big plans for the year ahead. Use code MMBD20 for 20% off your next challenge or challenges 
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Check Out the New Medal Samples

We love a medal delivery as much as you. Deliveries that contain samples are just the best. This weeks delivery was amazing and check out the real medals for many challenges for the first time below. Click on the images to find out more about each challenge.So whether you are a virtual runner, walker, cyclist, swimmer or use the gym you c...
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Tips For New Runners

​Being there have been a lot of new runners join Medalmad recently I thought I'd put a few tips together for anyone who might be completely new to running.REMEMBER IT'S A MARATHONEven if you're not planning to run a marathon, you should take the slow and steady approach to your running activities. When you try to increase your mileage or speed up y...
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The Art Of A Bad Run

Disappointing runs: we all have them at some point!Whether it's a nasty stitch that forces you to pull over, or simply an early onset of shin splints half a kilometre in, admitting temporary defeat in something you actively want to do is hard.A few weeks ago, I set out for my usual 5k. It's a distance I am well practised in, and it was an easy, fla...
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Looking for a New MedalMad Team Member

We are looking for new part time member to join our small MedalMad team. MedalMad is part of the Active Connections Group of brands. MedalMad helps people reach their running and fitness goals via an online platform. So an interest in health, fitness and or running would be useful but not essential. We are a fast growing brand and need help to meet...
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Dealing with a Cancelled or Postponed Race

 Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and well, and a big welcome to all the new challengers who have joined MedalMad in recent weeks.Has anyone else taken up running in recent weeks/months? Can't help but feel like you've started running at the wrong time? Yep… that's me too… When I started running back in January I never for a sin...
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My First Marathon!

The morning sun peered through the overhead canopy of trees, gently stroking my face with its soft rays. All around me, birds tweeted, darting across my path in an array of vibrant colours. The path through the woods was all but empty, aside a few fellow early morning joggers in the distance.The world felt like mine, and mine alone. It was the esca...
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Virtual Re Runs for 2020 by MedalMad

You may have noticed an increase in the number of sell out challenges over the last couple of weeks, and the occasional slow down of our website as the number of members on MedalMad has surged to 30,000 active members. Due to may requests we have added in a number of challenges again later on in the year for 2020. We have listed below som...
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Taking on Virtual Challenges on a Treadmill

You can take on any challenge on a treadmill or any other piece of gym equipment that shows distance. So you can take on a virtual race or virtual challenge from home or even in the gym. If you wish to use a treadmill it can have a range of benefit over running outside.Whilst you can't totally replicate outside running inside, setting the...
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Life After Couch to 5K... Tackling that 10K Target

Hello everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and well in these strange times. And welcome to all of our new challengers! It has been so great to see so many people earning their medals in this time. Also a massive thank you to the MedalMad staff for continuing to post out the medals for us at this time! Since completing Couch to 5K around a ...
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Red Hot Chillie Stepper

So first things first…How amazing are the MedalMad team and their NHS Medal! As an NHS Key worker, I cannot express enough gratitude for the part the Medal Mad team are playing. I certainly speak for myself (and I'm sure many other key workers) when I say how grateful we all are for all the donations, be it money, time, toiletries no matter ho...
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Samples for July 2020 Virtual Challenges

We are delighted to show the samples for the upcoming virtual challenges in July 2020. They all look amazing and we are really happy with how they all look. Have you signed up to one yet? Reserve you place soon as we are experiencing a huge increase in sign ups and challenges are selling out very quickly. Click on the image to find o...
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Run Rabbit 5km 2020

Once upon a time there was a company called MedalMad who loved to inspire and motivate people to be active. They did this by creating amazing virtual challenges and awesome medals for people to earn…. Like this official Peter Rabbit medal!Sign up now and complete the Run Rabbit 5k virtual challenge by walking, running, cycling, swimming or using gy...
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The Power Of Exercise During Lock-Down

Cara Jasmine BradleyHaving previously suffered from an eating disorder, maintaining a healthy relationship with exercise is an imperative ingredient in my ongoing recovery. I have previously blogged about my past struggles with anorexia, whereby I described that any enjoyment found in exercise had been replaced by dread, as I started...
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The Brightest Rainbow 5km Virtual Challenge

'The brightest rainbows come from the darkest of storms', pretty apt right?!We are all looking forward to that extra bright rainbow right now and somewhere over the rainbow you might find this beauty of a medal!​We will be donating £2.50 of each entry fee to the Rainbow Trust. Please click HERE for details about the trust.All of us at MedalMad and ...
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I Smashed My Challenge! New MealKids Virtual Activity Challenge

 Smashed It! Activity Challenge 2020This one is a bit of motivation for all the mini superheroes and superheroines out there! We love nothing more than seeing the younger generation enjoying physical activity, in any form, so we have designed a new MedalKids virtual challenge with a bit of a twist….To earn this awesome medal our mini challenge...
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Keep Going!!!

Hello to all of the Medal Mad Family,I just wanted to reach out to all of you in these uncertain times to tell you, as an Ambassador, that you are all amazing continuing to earn your challenge medals in this difficult climate.It is people like yiu who are the inspirations to the running community because you're still pushing yourselves and I'm amaz...
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Dare To Dream 13.1 miles

'All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them?' said a wise man once, the inspiration behind this medal design.Through all the adversity in our lives, all the trouble and obstacles, you should always continue to pursue your dreams. Have the courage and the strength to move forward, push through the hard times to achieve someth...
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The Mini Gauntlet Challenge 20k

Due to the popularity of our Gauntlet 60k and numerous requests for a shorter distance version, also suitable for older children, so we have created The Gauntlet 20k virtual challenge!Use the power of the Gauntlet to motivate you to run further than you have before, starting with your 2k infinity stone and slowly building up your distances tic...
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Adventures in Wonderland 13.1miles Virtual Challenge

Do you often feel like you're in a world of your own? Do you dream of going on an Adventure in Wonderland? Well now you can!.... kind of…..with this 13.1 mile virtual challenge! Use this medal as motivation and take on a half marathon (after-all we're all mad here at MedalMad!).Now don't be late, you have until en...
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Staying Motivated and Keep going.

How to Stay Motivated and Keep Going.I had a couple of topics in mind for my next blog entry, but I felt that given the current global situation I thought I'd talk a bit about how I keep myself going and get my challenges done.Now given everything that's going on with the UK and many other countries on lockdown it and all the news being bad can be ...
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My Couch to 5K Experience

 If someone said to me 4 months ago I'd now be excited to get out for a run and that I can now run 5K I'd have laughed at you. This week I completed my Couch to 5K journey so today I thought I'd share with you some of the thoughts and feelings I had while working through Couch to 5K, as well as some tips I've learnt along the way. Please remem...
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Heroes of the NHS 5km

Support our NHS and sign up to our Heroes of the NHS 5km challenge!About this medalThis medal was first designed by our team in 2016 for Valentines day! The medal itself is a photo frame that you can use to insert any picture you like inside. We have chosen to re-release this medal for our NHS Heroes this time with a new blue ribbon instead of...
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Live and Let Run Virtual Run

Everyone's favourite MI6 agent is back and it's Time to Run!Your mission is to complete 007 miles by the 30th June, anytime, anywhere. Your mission won't be easy and you will need to use your super intelligence, wit and charm to get you through but at the end reward yourself with a martini (shaken not stirred of course) and this awesome medal!Compl...
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Look for the Good Spots in Life!

This quote feels so apt right now. Life feels so uncertain in this current climate with many of us feeling worried about what the future holds for ourselves and for loved ones. So look for the good spots in life! This medal was designed by our very own MedalEmma and we are all so pleased with how this one turned out. We always come up with the conc...
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Go Team Hempsted!!

Working with SchoolsOver the last few weeks (prior to school closures) MedalMad have been working closely with a small local primary school to help get more children running!By supplying medals and resources to the school for each participating child we have motivated 50 children to take part in the school morning running club. The children va...
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Running Through COVID-19

My children have been off school for over a week already due to showing mild symptoms and as a household we are now all in self isolation. We are usually a very active family, my husband owns a martial arts gym and myself and the children bother train their most days, so having to get used to staying home has been frustrating.A few days in and I de...
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Introducing the JUST KEEP GOING 5K!!

You know what you gotta do when life gets you down?Just keep goingJust keep goingJust keep going, going, goingWhat do we do we walk, jog, runOH HO HO How I love to runWhen you WAAAAAANNTTT to run you want to run….And this virtual challenge is designed to do just that, to keep you going through these current difficult times. To keep going walking, r...
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We all start somewhere...the beginnings...

​Since times began I have always struggled with my fitness and how I feel about myself. But...Don't we all??What better way but to take you through my journey on how I got here?!Grab a cuppa, blanket and let me take you through my last few years. 10 years ago I started with horrific back pain, not a "oooooo that hurt" as you bend over to ...
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How Times Change

​If you told a much younger me that one day, I would not only be a regularly active person who hates being stuck inside but also be an ambassador to a virtual race company then I probably wouldn't have believed you.As a child it's no secret that I wasn't the most active. PE was something that had to be done because I was told to and not e...
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What's you Run-spiration?

First of many blogs to come... Today I'm channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw (except less alcohol, no where near such fab shoes but still the big curly hair!) and writing my first blog as a Medal Mad Ambassador! *screams*I'm watching 100 Kilo Kids: Obesity SOS (Channel 4) and it's giving me some interesting food for thought... pun intended.Ex...
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How Did I Get Here? Complete Beginner to Half Marathon

 Running was never something I enjoyed at school. I used to loathe sports day, I used to loathe when our PE teachers made us run around the whole school playing field... twice! But right now I'm training for a half marathon!I started running last year, but it only lasted around 3 months, when work got busy for me I stopped. I'm determined this...
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Shark Week: New Challenge for 2020

"Live every week like it is shark week".Be determined, be hungry and make the most of your opportunities. Cover 10KM to earn this amazing medal. You can do the challenge in parts or as a whole 10KM. Enter your time as you submit your evidence to be displayed on the Race Results.Challenge starts on the 1st of August 2020, evidence can be submitted e...
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